Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World


The Characters

Glinda and her Friends

The Girl

Long before Glinda was the most powerful sorceress in Oz, she was fifteen and rebellious. Trapped in a tower with books and rules and red hair, Glinda yearns for adventure beyond her parents’ control. Daughter of the Ruby Sorceress, she knows only three spells. Is her knowledge and desire for adventure strong enough to stand against the onslaught of the Wicked Witches?

The Boy

Long before he was the Wizard, he was Oscar Zoroaster Diggs, a storyteller and ventriloquist from the pre-Civil War frontier. On the edges of civilization, he entertained soldiers. A few coins, some scattered applause and laughter quieted the shadows for moments at a time. But when you are running from your past, no place is far enough. Are one young man’s dreams strong enough to change the course of an entire land?

The Best Friend

Wickrie-Kells lived in the Emerald Valley, home to the Royal Family of Oz. She watched the crimson peacocks every day, waiting for adventure to show up. Then Glinda came into her life. Now Wickrie-Kells stands by Glinda as her best friend, confidante, and strongest ally.

The Soldier

In the lands of the West, the Winkies have ruled for more than a dozen generations. War has not come to this land for more than fifty years. The army is small. The best soldier the Winkie army has is Omby-Amby, the Soldier with Green Hair. When Oscar Diggs drops from the sky in a balloon, Omby-Amby is converted to the ideas of freedom and liberty and stands by Oscar’s side through the darkness and light. A more loyal friend you could not ask for. Omby-Amby will do whatever it takes to realize the dream of freedom.

The Witches

East. West. North. South. Every land has them…or used to.  The tides of power have shifted. The North and the South have fallen. East and West battle for the rest.

East – Kalinya

“I’ll throw you into the sky!”, is a commonly-heard threat. A telekinetic witch, Kalinya has made good on this threat numerous times. Her apprentice, Locasta, has borne the bruises in silence. Kalinya’s cleverness and lust for power drives her to directly challenge her rival, Gayelette, for control of the secrets inside the Ruby Palace.

West – Ondri-baba

Cursed by the Queen of Dreams with a magic eye, Ondri-baba sees things no one else can see.  She holds power over invisibility. Hungry for power like her older sister, Kalinya, she would like nothing more than to see her sister publicly, spectacularly and humiliatingly fail. What she lacks in Kalinya’s cleverness, Ondri-baba makes up for in ruthless cruelty.

North – Gayelette

No one in Oz dreams, and Gayelette, the Ruby Sorceress, has made it her very long life’s work to find out why. Her temper is feared throughout the land, and is matched in severity only by her power.  Gayelette guards the secrets of the Ruby Palace against the coming threats to the land. Her knowledge is unrivaled, even among her peers. Despite her great power, the one person Gayelette cannot control also happens to be the most important, her daughter – Glinda.

South – Sonadia (deceased)

A favorite visitor to any land in Oz, Sonadia brought with her the storms and life-giving rain.  Mistress of the Storms and friend to all clouds. She is recently deceased, under very mysterious, smashing-type circumstances.

Central (Emerald) Lands

Before the foundations of the Emerald City were laid, the Emerald Lands were ruled by Central City and the Kings Oz and Queens Ozma. One family has ruled completely without magical assistance. Four witches ratified the kingship, why should one be chosen above the others? No favor is shown … until Mombi becomes the power behind the throne.

The War

Rage engulfs the land. No corner is safe for those who oppose the Wicked Witches in their quest for power. The third Witch War has begun. Can no one stop the spilling of blood? Is there none who will stand against tyranny?

There is one, or two, or three. There are many. There are many who believe in the dream of freedom, and they follow those who lead in faith – Oscar, Glinda, Omby-Amby, and Wickrie-Kells.

The Land of Oz

A magical land powered by dreams, Oz has been under the rule of the same family for twenty-five generations. Wars have come and gone, and so have the witches and sorcerers. The power has always been balanced between goodness and wickedness, until now. When the pendulum of power swings strongly to the side of the Wicked Witches, only the dreams of a young man and the spells of an impetuous young sorceress stand between the Wicked Witches and complete tyranny.

The Hidden History of Oz

Every land has its history. There is that which is celebrated … and that which is hidden.

The Witch Queens is the first volume of The Hidden History of Oz series. Intended for all ages, this exciting novel explores the the history alluded to by L. Frank Baum in his novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

  • Want to know about the Winged Monkeys?
  • What secrets does the Ruby Palace Hold?
  • Who was Gayelette and why was she important?
  • What are the foundations of the Emerald City?

There are many more stories yet to come in the Hidden History. These will be unfolded in novel, short story, blog post and other ways that serve the magic of the story. Explore the Hidden History of Oz with an eye open to mystery, and a heart set on adventure, and you will be amazed and your discoveries.


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