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Oz Timeline

The Hidden History of Oz is Celtic Ireland imagined through American dreams during the Industrial Revolution. It is a land powered by human dreams.

What happens here affects what happens there. As you look back through American history, the timeline in which the Hidden History of Oz (HH) books occur paralleled a very tumultuous period in America. When war rages, the dreams resonate through all lands.

Original Timeline

The original timeline of Oz begins with the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy comes into Oz through fantastical means, and journeys to the Emerald City. For the purposes of this series, we will go with the original publication date of 1900 as being the year that Dorothy went to the Emerald City. This is the year 0 ADG (After Dorothy Gale). All events that take place prior to this time are BDG (Before Dorothy Gale).

The events of HH1: The Witch Queens takes place 48 years BDG, or 1852 AD.

Timeline of the Hidden History

Twenty-five generations of a single family have ruled from Central City in the Emerald Lands. Their undisputed rulership all changed with the arrival of the Wizard.

This timeline covers events both mentioned and experienced in The Hidden History of Oz, Book One: The Witch Queens, and Book Two: Crown of the Dreamer.

Events are organized by the rule of the Kings of Oz. Where applicable, the years in common reckoning are included. The acronym BDG stands for Before Dorothy Gale, or the number of years before Dorothy Gale entered EmeraldCity. For reckoning purposes, the year that Dorothy entered the EmeraldCity is set at the year 1900, which equates to 1 ADG (After Dorothy Gale. Note: There is no year 0).

The Faerie War / Pre-King era

  • Sundering of Day and Night (Faerie War)
  • Arrival of Lurline’s band of faeries to the land. Naming of the Land of Oz
  • Creation of the source of magic (the Emerald Engine) and the Giant Hourglass
  • Building of the Emerald Fortress

Reign of the Kings

King Oz, the First

  • Founding of Central City in EmeraldValley

 King Oz, the Third

  • Creation of the City of Parradime

 King Oz, the Eighth

  • First Witch Wars
  • Destruction of the City of Parradime
  • Witches seek the Queen of Dreams and use her power to slay the seas. Creation of the Deadly Desert.

Queen Ozma, the Fifth

  • Second Witch Wars
  • Destruction of Gilly city of Rokkamoorah
  • Gilly-kin Purge by Munch-kin
  • Great Battle in Valley of Cairn

King Oz, the Thirteenth

  • Birth of Gayelette
  • Queen of Dreams visits Oz, to seek the heir of the Red Sorcerer

King Oz, the Sixteenth

  • Discovery of Quelala in the South
  • Gayelette takes Quelala as her apprentice
  • Creation of the Golden Cap
  • Marriage of Gayelette and Quelala
  • Ondri-baba receives the magic eye, and also the walking hut with the Sapphire Stove
  • City of Luneska falls into the desert
  • Birth of Glinda (64 BDG/1836 AD)
  • Mombi becomes a Witch
  • Kalinya throws her beau into the sky
  • Gayelette sells half of her kingdom to Kalinya for the price of a single large pearl
  • Enslavement of the Winged Monkeys

King Oz, the Seventeenth

  • Smith & Tinker present the Hamstrambulator to King Winko

48 BDG/1852 AD

  • Abracadabra Bazaar involving Glinda; Kalinya announces that Locasta is her apprentice
  • Disappearance of the RubyPalace
  • Death of King Oz, the 17th

Pastoria, the Proud (48 BDG/1852 AD)

  • Coronation of Pastoria
  • Glinda driven from the North.
  • Battle of Winkie Plains
  • Arrival of the Wizard
  • Third Witch Wars begin
  • Destruction of NorthVillage by Ondri-baba
  • Creation of the Sandy Army
  • Discovery of Bloodsand
  • Glinda settles in the South.
  • Destruction of South Castle and the collapse of the Twisted Lighthouse
  • Disappearance of Quelala
  • Battle of Emerald Prairie
  • Kalinya becomes the Witch Queen and protector of the Munchkins.
  • Battle of Munchkin Fields
  • Construction begins on EmeraldCity
  • Conquering of the Winkies by the Winged Monkeys; Ondri-baba “frees” the Winkies and becomes their Witch Queen.
  • Glinda’s sixteenth birthday. Banishment of Kalinya on a cloud by Glinda, the Good
  • Kalinya meets with Nikidik on MountMunch

46 BDG/1854 AD

  • Sky Wizard’s Ball
  • Great Rift in the sky
  • Creation of the Kalidahs
  • Creation of the Crown of the Dreamer
  • Battle of the Thunder Colossus
  • Wizard’s Nightmare

12 BDG/1889 AD

  • Birth of Ozma Tippetarius, Wednesday, August 21, 1889. Her father is Pastoria.

2 BDG/1898 AD

  • Nick Chopper and Captain Fyter both receive their tin bodies.

1 ADG/1900 AD

  • Creation of the Scarecrow
  • Arrival of Dorothy Gale at the Emerald City

What Else?

There is much more to come …


3 responses

  1. Nice job on the timeline! I especially enjoy the lineage of the Kings of Oz.
    But Ozma would be awfully young if she was born in 1898. If you went with the publication of the Land of Oz (1904) then she’d be just six years old in that book and younger if you had that book happen earlier.
    I always imagined her as between 11-14 during the Land of Oz. (I know you are not basing your story on later books though.)
    You’re probably already aware of this time line, but here’s a link just in case:
    It’s based on the books that fit into canon.

    You may have already answered this elsewhere, but do you have plans to continue the story after Dorothy’s arrival?


    October 21, 2013 at 11:04 AM

    • Darrell,
      Thanks for the input and the link to the timeline. In all of my plotting, I mashed together the storylines of Ozma’s abduction and the creation of the tin men by Ku-Klip in the same year. That was my mistake. It has been fixed. The Timeline page has been updated.
      I remember reading that Ozma was slightly older than Dorothy, so that is what I have done.
      In response to the Dorothy question, yes, Dorothy will play a very important role in the later stories. As it is plotted right now, she first arrives in the Emerald City in Book Five: The Wonderful Wizard. This is the story that the Hidden History prequels point toward. Baum’s original words will remain intact, but they may mean something different, with the context created by the HH story wrapped around Dorothy’s journey.
      After Dorothy goes back to Kansas, there is the matter of the Wizard – he is gone, but he doesn’t stay gone. We know that he comes back to the Land of Oz. He has more to say also. Beyond those story points, and the highlights of Baum’s famous fourteen, there are additional Hidden History stories that project into the future, and tie up the threads foreshadowed in the early books. So the answer is yes, Dorothy plays a role, as does Ozma, and also many other familiar faces.


      October 21, 2013 at 11:38 AM

  2. I’m glad to hear that! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next books!


    October 21, 2013 at 12:07 PM

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