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The Hidden History of Oz

The books

The Hidden History of Oz is an original series conceived and written by Tarl Telford, based on the Oz books by L. Frank Baum.
Set in a magical land powered by dreams, the Hidden History of Oz explores the characters introduced by L. Frank Baum. True to the original vision of Oz portrayed in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz novel, this prequel saga reaches into mysteries and events that shaped Oz, coupling them with dream and real-world history to craft powerful meaning into the whimsy created by Baum.

The blog

The Hidden History blog is a central repository of announcements, official updates, and additional explorations into the Land of Oz. It is a lot of the why and what else of the Hidden History series.


History of the Winged Monkeys compares L. Frank Baum’s Winged Monkeys in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to the Winged Monkeys found in the Hidden History stories.

Wrong Directions: Secrets of the Compass Rose makes the case for the backwards compass rose on the Hidden History map. It was a conscious choice by the author, and the why is found in the post. Check it out.

Story is for books, detail is for blogs

Story is vital to the books. If certain details or backstory cannot be explored without bogging down the story, it does not go into the books. That means there is detail that just can’t be put into the official books. It can be explored here on this blog.


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