Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World


Characters in the Story

Note: Most characters are known by their first names only in this story. Full names are given for reference purposes.

Glinda Mahalia Kookaburr—Young sorceress; ruler of the South.

Oscar Zoroaster Diggs—The Wonderful Wizard; ruler of Emerald City; ventriloquist and dreamer.

Wickrie-Kells Dunkle—Captain of the Fighting Girls; Glinda’s best friend.

“Omby-Amby” Ombrosius Ambrosius Cake—Soldier with Green Whiskers; Captain of the Emerald Guardsmen.

Ola Serapenth Griffin—Herald to Glinda; singer.

Kalinya / Kally Thistleswitch—Witch of the East.

Ondri-baba Thistleswitch—Witch of the West.

Mombi—Witch with transformation powers; advisor to King Pastoria; birth name Ozmombina Decheryon Lodoveen Carcose.

Promethus—the Guardian of the Gate; former apprentice of Smith & Tinker; birth name Promethus Aronto Teague-Griffin.

Ku-Klip Ravensnark—Tinsmith; former apprentice of Smith & Tinker.

Professor Pipton Nikidik—Inventor and former apprentice of Smith & Tinker.

Margolotte Munch—Wife of Professor Nikidik.

Pastoria Mackoo Luneska Tonnason—King of the Emerald Lands; lives in Central City.

Leina Le’Mo—Pastoria’s Peacock Girl.

Queen of Dreams—Powerful Faerie; real name Ereline.

King Klick—King of the Winged Monkeys.

Docket—Son of King Klick, heir to the kingship of the Winged Monkeys.

Duke Widdershins—Lukasio Markell Widdershins, King Emeritus of the Munchkins.

“Boq” Lilboq Malarl Liyonechka—6 year old Munchkin boy.

“Perilous Eddy” Edvard Soperil Tiddlywink—Winkie, Tower-watcher and Architect-in-training.

Toobalott Noone—Emerald City Deputy Guard.

Kopp Quaint O’Teig—Young soldier and City Guard in the Emerald City.

Rala Purity Sessefress—one of Glinda’s Fighting Girls. She finds the Wizard in the forest.

Cornyss Waters—One of Glinda’s Fighting Girls. She rescues Oscar’s black pearl and gets trapped by the emerald spears.

Toro Plantain Cake—an Emerald Guardsman. Second-in-command and brother to Omby-Amby. He is leading the training mission.

Tjorn Kells Dunkle—Father of Wickrie-Kells.

Donya Wickrie Prasen—Mother of Wickrie-Kells.

Bartleby O’Brine—Captain of the Emerald Army in Central City.

Eyve Munchina Yammersmith—A young teenage girl that wants to join the Fighting Girls. She has exceptional talent.

Characters mentioned in the story

Big Leebo—Tall automaton created by Professor Nikidik.

Little Pecan—Fat automaton created by Professor Nikidik.

Smiley—Automaton created by Professor Nikidik. The Wizard drew a smiley face on it.

Quelala Kookaburr—Father of Glinda.

Gayelette Kronkob—The Ruby Sorceress, mother of Glinda.

Locasta Dovina Brenfire—Witch; Guardian of the North; Former apprentice to Kalinya.

Lurline—Queen of the Faeries.

Red Sorcerer—Garren Kronkob, father of Gayelette.

King Oz, the Sixth—Ruler of Central Lands from 421-488 Ozy; birth name Marcus Battlement Ysandrio Cornn (398 Ozy / 1082 AD to 490 Ozy / 1174 AD).

Solomon Sessefress—Poet in the reign of King Oz, the Sixth. Wrote Song of Smaragaid Cathair.

Eliyana and Korsovich—mother and father of Kalinya and Ondri-baba. Eliyana Thistleswitch was a powerful Witch. Korsovich Pyotr Munch was an esteemed Keeper of Knowledge.

Fighting Girls in Glinda’s army—Corabinth Teague. LeeAnya Fourmiss.

Conroy Methuselah Diggs—one of Oscar’s older brothers (not the shadows).


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