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Dorothy’s Timeline

Dorothy’s Timeline in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Storms hit at [fictional time] 12:04 pm, May 5, 1900. Aunt Em washes dishes after midday meal.

Tornado hits home at 12:10pm. Home lifted into sky with Dorothy and Toto inside. Hours up in the sky with the winds howling. Estimated that Dorothy sleeps through the night.

Dorothy arrives in Oz. Destruction of Kalinya. Meeting with the Munchkins. Departure on Yellow Brick Road. Stay the night at wealthy Munchkin’s home (Boq). May 6, 1900.

Discovery of Scarecrow. Travels. Stay the night in cottage. Day 2: May 7, 1900.

Discovery of Tin Woodman. Meeting Cowardly Lion. Run from Kalidahs. Day 3: May 8, 1900.

Build raft. Day 4: May 9, 1900.

Travel down river. Stork saves Scarecrow. Rescue Queen of the Field Mice. Encounter Poppy Field. Tin Man builds a wheeled cart. Field Mice find string and assist in pulling the cart with lion out of the poppies. Spend night at farmhome in Emerald Lands. Day 5: May 10, 1900.

Entrance into Emerald City.  Day 6: May 11, 1900.

Dorothy meets with Wizard. Day 7: May 12, 1900.

Scarecrow meets with Wizard. Day 8: May 13, 1900.

Tin Woodman meets with Wizard. Day 9: May 14, 1900.

Cowardly Lion meets with Wizard. Day 10: May 15, 1900.

Travel to West. Attacked by wolves at night. Day 11: May 16, 1900.

Attacked by flock of crows, black bees. Day 12: May 17, 1900.

Attacked by 12 Winkies. [Departure from annotated WWoW. We have room to be flexible at this point in the story.] Day 13: May 18, 1900.

Return of Winkies. Summoning of Winged Monkeys. Abduction of Dorothy and friends by Winged Monkeys. Day 14: May 19, 1900.

Enslavement by Ondri-baba. Destruction of Ondri-baba by Dorothy. Dorothy obtains Golden Cap. Days 14-30.

Celebration of independence by Winkies. Day 30: Monday, June 4, 1900.

Travel to find Tin Woodman. Days 30-33: June 7, 1900.

Repair Tin Woodman. Days 33-37:  June 11, 1900.

Rescue Scarecrow. Days 38-39: June 13, 1900.

Stay at Yellow Castle for a few days. Day 43: June 17, 1900.

Leave Yellow Castle and return toward Emerald City. Day 44: June 18, 1900.

Get lost in yellow flowers. Lost and wandering day by day. Days 44-50: June 24, 1900.

Winged Monkeys carry them back to Emerald City. Day 50: June 24, 1900.

Speak with Wizard. He is invisible. Day 50: June 24, 1900.

No word. Waiting for Wizard to respond. Days 51-53: June 27, 1900.

Wizard responds. Come in the morning for gifts. Day 54: June 28, 1900.

Wizard provides promised gifts. Day 55: June 29, 1900.

Wizard thinks about a solution for Dorothy. Days 55-58: July 2, 1900.

Solution to build a balloon. Day 59: July 3, 1900.

Building the balloon. Days 60-62: July 6, 1900.

Wizard launches balloon and leaves. Winged Monkeys cannot help. They cannot fly across teh desert. Omby-Amby suggests Dorothy go to see Glinda. Day 62: July 6, 1900.

Travel to Glinda. Confrontation at forest of the Guardian Trees. Day 63: July 7, 1900.

Travel through Dainty China Country. Travel through ancient forest.  Sleep the night. Day 64: July 8, 1900.

Lion becomes the King of Beasts. Confrontation with giant spider robot. Confrontation with Hammer-heads. Call Winged Monkeys with Golden Cap to fly them over Hammer-head Hill. Arrival at Glinda’s castle. Meeting with Glinda.

Dorothy returns home to Kansas by means of the Silver Slippers. Day 65: Monday, July 9, 1900.

Aunt Em is watering the cabbages. This is the second crop of cabbage plants that she is watering. These are due Monday, July 16, 1900.


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