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Guide for Parents

Each of The Hidden History of Oz books in The Witch Queens trilogy contains a Guide for Parents. The author created this review to give parents an idea of what the book contained, to determine whether or not it would be appropriate for their children to read, and to provide questions for discussion.

This review is based on the format used by Common Sense Media ( This is not an official Common Sense Media review.

The Guide for Parents is available in each book: both the digital version and the printed version. It is also available on this site as an on-screen page and as a PDF download.

The Orphan Sorceress of Oz (Book One), download (PDF)
Recommended for Ages 10 and up

Dark Dreams in Oz (Book Two), download (PDF)
Recommended for Ages 10 and up

Dark Wind in Oz (Book Three), download (PDF)
Recommended for ages 12 and up

Tabby Abacus and the Dangerbread House, download (PDF)
Recommended for early middle-grade readers (ages 7 and up)


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