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An Oz where dreams change the world

With the announcement of a fourth Oz-inspired TV series, there are a lot of people on the interwebs that are justifiably annoyed. Why take a classic tale and re-spin it again and again? Simple answer – it’s the 75th Anniversary of the MGM Wizard of Oz movie (1939) and Warner Bros. owns the rights.

With all of these versions of Oz done wrong, where are the versions of Oz done right? Where is the land that Baum built? (more…)

The Hidden History of…Pixar?

All of the Pixar animated features are interconnected in strange and wonderful ways. So says a brilliantly conceived post by Jon Negroni – The Pixar Theory. He has put in an admirable amount of time and research to find hanging threads and then weave them together in a mystical tapestry that begins in the Dark Ages with Brave, and ends in the far, far future with Monsters, Inc.

I added a couple of comments among the multitude of supporters. The key, I said, was dreams. Children are closer to dreams and the primal force that links the waking life and the dreaming life; therefore, the harvesting of the power of dreams (screams) by the monsters is more effective on children when they are young. This is before the children learn to conform to the adult world and forget their dreams.

The thought and creativity that connected all of these disparate realities into one chaotic, yet cohesive, universe is impressive. It is very similar to what I have done in crafting The Hidden History of Oz stories. Different universes, but the same desire for completion and cohesion. It is a monumental task in both the Pixar universe and the Oz universe, but the satisfaction comes when the story appears.

I urge you to read the post and browse the many, many comments. There are a few detractors, but for the most part, the theory is wildly supported. It might open your mind to some imaginative possibilities.