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The Perils of a Dangerbread House

An illustration from Tabby Abacus and the Dangerbread House, a chapter book for ages 8 and up, written and illustrated by Tarl Telford. Illustration by Tarl Telford.

On a path lined with cookies, beware of what lies at the end of that magical journey. – Illustration by Tarl Telford

A Dangerbread House is a strange thing of wild magic. You’ve seen it before – a house in the woods made of gingerbread, sweets, and candies. It is usually inhabited by a witch, who uses it to lure unsuspecting children into her clutches. This house is different though. In the new illustrated chapter book, Tabby Abacus and the Dangerbread House, there is a particular twist on the classic fairy tale. The house is the one in charge, and it is up to a Good Witch and one particularly precocious girl to save the trapped children.

But wait, how did we get trapped in this precarious position? Remember back in Emerald Spectacles (The Hidden History of Oz, Book Three), when Glinda and Kally zipped on back to the North with the Silver Slippers and they met Locasta? Just after that, Locasta is called by a local child to help save two children trapped by a…you guessed it…a Dangerbread House. Tabby is that little girl, and this is her story.

Cover art for Tabby Abacus and the Dangerbread House, written and illustrated by Tarl Telford.

Tabby Abacus peers from behind a Sparkwood Tree toward the beckoning mouth of the Dangerbread House. Ages 8 and up. Cover image.

Tabby Abacus and the Dangerbread House is the first of a planned series of illustrated chapter books, both written and illustrated by the author – Tarl Telford – and targeted toward middle-grade readers, ages 8 and up. The series is called Tattypoo’s Tattlers.

The Good Witch came to protect us. We call her Tattypoo. That’s Gillish for “Great Protector.” She teaches us kids how to watch for the Witches, just in case they come back. Anything that goes on here, we have to report back to Tattypoo. Her other name is Locasta, but I like Tattypoo. She said it’s not tattling if it keeps people safe.

Us kids even have a secret group name. We’re Tattypoo’s Tattlers. Like I said, I’m Tabby Abacus, and this is one of my many adventures.

Tabby Abacus and the Dangerbread House, Introduction (by Tabby Abacus, herself)

These stories will provide standalone adventures for young readers and explore the wonder and whimsy of the imaginative Land of Oz, set in the Hidden History of Oz universe. These stories build on each adventure for a larger storyline, while supporting the world created in the Glinda Chronicles (so far, books 1 through 3). These chapter books serve as a gateway for younger readers into the Hidden History of Oz. It’s all terribly exciting.

What’s more, you can own your very own copy of Tabby Abacus and the Dangerbread House today. Just follow that magic cookie path over to Amazon. While it might not smell like frosting, you can bet your slippery-shining boots that you’re in for an adventure.


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