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Booktrack – a new way to listen to eBooks

I recently discovered a neat app that allows for audio tracks to be placed into the text of ebooks. This opened a new opportunity for me to share The Hidden History of Oz. The first two chapters of Book One: The Witch Queens are available to read free on, or jump directly to The Witch Queens.

These are just the first two chapters of this book. I may go as high as six chapters if there is good feedback (positive and constructive). I am enjoying the new toolset for bringing this story to life. Adding a little bit of sound makes a big difference in the feel and pacing of the story. Jump over to booktrack and listen for yourself.


One response

  1. What a great app, sounds awesome (‘scuse the pun)! I love how the little things make life all the more fun to enjoy. I recently came across an app for my laptop that helps with making file management much easier. I played with it all yesterday and it’s so cool. I’m looking forward to do more with it later on this week. Oh, and it even has a synchronization to help with backing up stuff that another app is charging for $100. Anyway, now that I’m off that tangent, good luck with your book. It sounds so great to know you’re doing so much with it!


    April 6, 2014 at 3:58 PM

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