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Red-haired girl representing Glinda, a teenage sorceress in The Hidden History of Oz series.

Glinda the Good, the teenage sorceress in The Hidden History of Oz series

Inspiration comes in many forms. For me, I think in story. A picture is worth a thousand words, true, and the best pictures also evoke a story. Take the picture here, for example. This is Glinda. She looks out to the setting sun, wondering what future will come, for it is her and her alone that holds the destiny of the Land of Oz in her hands.

Oz is a real place, full of wonder and breathtaking beauty. Much of the land is based on real places. There are corners of Oz unexplored in Baum’s books, but why do even the explored corners need to be a mystery? I say we find them and display them.

L. Frank Baum was fascinated with Ireland and its history. I like to believe that Oz is based in part on Ireland. Many of the lands within Oz seem to fit the geography if the Emerald Isle and the surrounding lands. Look and see.

Green hills rise up overlooking a lake.

In the North, the Land of the Gillkins, green hills rise up, overlooking lakes and rivers.

This image is from the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The rugged hills and green mountains just fit in the wild northlands in Oz. Of course, the North gives way to mountains that hold great secrets. The mountains also protect the Gillikins from their ancestral enemies (see Munchkin Civil War).

I’m sure you have your ideas what the South Castle looks like. Here is a real place (Ronda, Andalusia, Spain) that inspires me when I think of the South in the Land of Oz. It stands on the cliffs above the Deadly Desert. At one time it was a bustling seaport, but then the seas died, and the waters dried up. Now it stands atop the cliffs and watches and waits for the days when ships again will sail to Oz.

A bridge spans two cliffs.

The bridge connecting the cliffs near South Castle in the Land of Oz.

Where am I going with all of this? If you’ve clicked on the links, you have already discovered that there is a Pinterest board now associated with the geography and characters and other visual reference for the Hidden History of Oz. In this way I can share what I see as an author and artist.

Are you inspired by beautiful pictures of geography and architecture? What do you think of these images of Oz? Leave your comments below.

If you are not sure what all of this is about, read The Hidden History of Oz, Book One: The Witch Queens, available on Amazon and Smashwords. Book Two: Crown of the Dreamer, coming very soon.

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  1. Inspiration comes from within and we draw upon that which is important or appealing to us as an artist. Joseph Max Bair


    August 28, 2013 at 9:47 AM

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